Big Cookie Theory: Brownie Batter & Cookie Dough Desserts

March 10, 2019

Now celebrating its seventh year in existence, Big Cookie Theory has made a mammoth splash with its distinctive desserts baked with brownie batter and cookie dough, delivering to thousands of delighted customers and selling out its cakes and cookies at artisanal food markets throughout the Klang Valley.

But while the brand is barely a decade old, its foundation was lovingly laid across generations - YM Puteri Khalisah Adila might not have meant to embark into baking (she earned a bachelor's in event management), but the fragrance of oven-fresh temptations has brightened her home for as long as she can recall. Puteri Khalisah's late grandmother who lived with her was always baking sumptuous desserts, while her mom is also a marvellous cook whose specialities include scrumptious English scones.

The Big Bang event that birthed Big Cookie Theory in 2012 occurred almost by accident - Puteri Khalisah baked some cookies to participate in the fun at a food market that her friend was hosting - but piece by pleasurable piece (of cake), everything has since fallen into place. With a huge few weeks ahead for Puteri Khalisah and her team of hard-kneading elves, including the launch of new offerings, there's no better time to be exploring the fabulous frosted wonderland of Big Cookie Theory.

The evolution of Big Cookie Theory can be traced from its original three flavours - Cookie Butter, Nutella, and Peanut Butter - to its current smorgasbord of brownie batter and cookie dough treats, ranging from a multitude of cakes to cookies, pizzas to pies. For the first four years, Puteri Khalisah moved from baking for fun to baking for increasingly regular customers, eventually leaping full-time into her craft in 2016, emerging from her enchantment with brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

The universal truth is that homemade brownie batter makes these cakes better - irresistibly chocolaty and gooey, delectably denser than regular cakes, illustrated by the Tim Tam Brownie Cake, a double-tiered fudge brownie beauty layered with creamy chocolate buttercream, crisply textured with Tim Tam biscuit crumbles for a full-bodied chew, paying homage to the share-the-slam classic Australian indulgence.

With different dimensions of chocolate in one cake, this can easily be enjoyed on its own, or paired with a glass of warm milk or scoop of cool ice cream for the ultimate comfort in desserts (maybe even a tinge of strawberry jam for extra tang?). An eight-inch crowd-rouser that could satisfy up to a dozen people clocks in at RM250.

Puteri Khalisah's penchant for experimentation has also blossomed into her use of cookie dough for her cakes, initially inspired by her passion for chocolate chip cookies in all their glorious incarnations - the chewy-soft sorts, the crunchy kinds, the cakey types, each resonating with the young-at-heart.

For those childhood-evoking feelings that take us back to our happy place, try the Matcha Cake (RM250), each bite yielding a rich mouthful of unmistakable chocolate chip cookie captivation, balanced with the nuanced uplift of luscious green tea and white chocolate shavings.

While Puteri Khalisah confesses to personally having a sweet tooth, her cakes are far from cloying - you can finish a thick slice and feel nicely contented, without the pangs of sugar-rush guilt. For Puteri Khalisah, the possibilities of brownie batter and cookie dough are endless (she's among KL's pioneers in popularising cookie dough desserts), so check out her updates on her full range at facebook.com/bigcookietheory and instagram.com/bigcookietheory

With an advance booking requirement of only three days, you can order on Monday and sink your teeth into The Ultimate Brownie & Cheesecake (a New York cheesecake baked onto a brownie crust, topped with no less than 700 grams of brownie chunks, drizzled with melted chocolate) before Friday strikes.

And of course, Big Cookie Theory offers an impressive selection of its namesake fare too, seducing the snackers among us. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies sandwich together premium peanut butter with four-berry jam (RM28 for 12 pieces), while the Chunky Chewy S'mores innovates on the campfire classic with cookies wrapped around marshmallows, oozing with flavourful chocolate (RM35 for 28), making them a memorable cut above any regular cookie with a skilled sense of playful creativity. You won't find varieties of cookies quite like Big Cookie Theory's imagination-firing favourites at the grocery store!

Other cookie options include the Mini Chewy Chunky Red Velvet, Mini Chunky Matcha Cookies, and Creamy Peanut Butter Cookies. If you want a convenient fix of these and you love visiting food markets, you'll find Big Cookie Theory returning to this month's Maple Food Market, 28-31 March at Great Eastern Mall.

The future looks dazzling for devotees of Big Cookie Theory - in the coming weeks, the brand will launch its own edible cookie dough tubs (available in four flavours - chocolate chip, peanut butter, double chocolate, and birthday cake batter); the cookie dough is egg-free, relying on treated flour, so it's completely safe for consumption. 

You'll also see them venturing into dessert bars for parties (prices start from RM15 per person, with a minimum of 30 persons, for a feast of cookie and brownie trifles, cookie and brownie puddings, milk and cookie shots, and much more).

Thanks to Big Cookie Theory for a sampling that shows why it has become one of KL's most beloved purveyors of cakes. Photos of cakes and cookies in this post are courtesy of Big Cookie Theory.

Big Cookie Theory

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