Bengbeng Sourdough: Online sourdough bakery for bread, bagels, croissants, donuts and more

January 27, 2021

Baking beyond borders: Bengbeng Sourdough might be Malaysia's first online bakery that not only promises a wide selection of sourdough bread, bagels, croissants, donuts and more but delivers its loaves across state lines within two working days of your order.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Beng and Jun Qi, Bengbeng was born out of pregnancy cravings. When Jun Qi was pregnant in 2018, she hankered for sourdough loaves - since they couldn’t find any around their home in Kota Bharu, Beng decided to bake them himself. 

Bengbeng's sourdough starter is now two years old, nearly the age of Beng and Jun Qi's son. In April 2020, the couple turned their pastime of baking into a full-fledged business - they've since amassed more than 600 orders within less than 10 months. In a testament to their terrific products, their repeat purchase rate comes close to 40%, with orders reaching them in Kelantan from all over peninsular Malaysia.

Time is the main ingredient that makes Bengbeng Sourdough worthwhile. Naturally leavened, slow-fermented for up to two days, with all-natural, halal-certified ingredients, free of artificial and chemical additives, these are are carbs at their most guilt-free, crafted with an artisan's approach by a self-taught baker.

All of Bengbeng Sourdough's products are Muslim-friendly, with only halal ingredients used.

Even removing the Sourdough Country Loaf (RM20) from its paper bag is bliss, as its aroma wafts out. With a lovely French cut scoring, the loaf has a solid heft to the touch - slicing the hardy crust reveals a fairly fluffy core, gentle to the chew even when toasted. Rounded out with a tantalising tang, this is some satisfying sourdough, excellent enough to enjoy on its own but brilliant with butter.

Bengbeng's sourdough pastries are also popular, appetisingly alluring. The Sourdough Croissant (RM8) is richly fragrant and flaky, laminated with premium French butter, while the Kouign-Amann (RM8) is neatly folded and layered, sprinkled with caramelised sugar that crackles beautifully.

The Sourdough Donuts (RM7 each) straddle the line between light and dense but tip nearer to the latter, buoyed by a mild sourdough zing. Have them plain, with sugar or cinnamon sugar - these donuts have deservedly become a huge hit with Bengbeng's fans, with 3,000 sold in three recent months.

Bengbeng’s products are impeccably packaged to travel well, with the loaves in paper bags and the pastries wrapped individually, all in a sealed cardboard box with reheating instructions included.

Ordering is a breeze at bengbengsourdough.com - interstate delivery can be expected within one to two working days of ordering (ours arrived in KL from Kota Bharu within 24 hours). If your order isn't received within three days, Bengbeng will resend it.

The regular delivery rate is RM8, but Bengbeng is currently offering free delivery throughout peninsular Malaysia with the promo code EDKL

Many thanks to Bengbeng Sourdough for this tasty sampling. 

Bengbeng Sourdough