AO Omakase, TTDI: An immersive underwater cave-themed restaurant for seasonal Japanese specialities

May 30, 2023

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AO Omakase welcomes customers to dive deep into sumptuous Japanese specialities.

With an underwater cave theme, this is TTDI's immersive destination for impressive delicacies, serving the freshest catch of the season with scintillating skill.

Customers can feel like they're dining in the ocean, feasting on seafood from across the globe.

For lunch and dinner, AO Omakase offers omakase menus for every preference and budget. For a wallet-friendly introduction, the Kichi menu for lunch starts at RM288.

Regular customers can request different ingredients at least 10 days in advance whenever they visit - AO Omakase's menu is open to customisation for a personalised experience.

Watch our video above to see more about AO Omakase.

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AO Omakase's setting is spectacular from the start.

Step inside the cavern-like space to encounter the sushi counter, with a ceiling lined with illustrated cubes of Japanese-inspired imagery.

Everything is beautifully lit, set against walls with wonderful textures. A private room is also available for intimate celebrations.

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AO Omakase relies on prime produce, conforming to the changing seasons in Japan. 

Today, we meet chef Kenny, who introduces us to the reasonably priced RM288 Kichi menu for lunch.

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The Amuse Bouche whets our appetite with a wondrous white fish tart with truffle chilli paste, coupled with zuwaigani junsai (snow crab with lotus seeds). 

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The Entrée is excellent Hotaru Ika - firefly squid topped with cured egg yolk, a beautiful balance of brininess from the sea and savouriness from the land.

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Our Seasonal Dish is meiji maguro (baby tuna), more tender than typical tuna, delightfully dressed in vinegar seaweed sauce.

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Six rounds of nigiri bring Marai (Japanese snapper), Akagai (blood clam), Anago (sea eel), Shima Aji (striped mackerel), Aburi Ootoro (torched tuna belly showered with gold flakes) and Ama Ebi (sweet prawn with truffle caviar), followed by the elegantly decadent Engawa (flounder fin topped with sea urchin in a chef's special hand roll) to satisfy sushi cravings.

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The Premium Mini Don is pure pleasure, a ravishing rice bowl blanketed with uni, ikura and caviar.

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To warm our hearts, the Mushimono (steamed dish) comprises Ikura Chawanmushi brightened with yuzu zest and the Owan, featuring luscious hamaguri clams in soulful miso soup.

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The Petit Four conveys a dessert of Cream Cheese Ice Cream Cake, cool comfort, cushioned with almond praline, crowned with raspberry gel, coupled with orange marmalade on the side.

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Ao Omakase TTDI
Level 2, TT Gardens, Bangunan Ahp, L-2, 2, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 1130am-230pm; 6pm-1030pm. 
Tel: 010-508-3311