Ăn Viet unveils Soup-er Hot Stone A5 Japanese Wagyu Pho

November 15, 2023

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Hot news for Malaysian fans of pho: Ăn Viet has newly launched its latest culinary must-try: The Soup-er Hot Stone A5 Japanese Wagyu Pho promises a unique experience that combines the traditional comfort of Vietnamese pho with the luxurious lusciousness of A5 Japanese wagyu beef, served in a sizzling hot stone bowl!

Starting from a surprisingly reasonable RM34.90 per bowl, this is our favourite current pho in town, true to Ăn Viet's reputation for top-notch culinary produce and preparations.

The Soup-er Hot Stone A5 Japanese Wagyu Pho harnesses Tokushima-sourced A5 Japanese wagyu beef, celebrated for its magnificent marbling, yielding melt-in-the-mouth tenderness for the ultimate pho satisfaction.

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What elevates this even further is the sizzling hot stone - before being served, the broth is boiled in the bowl, reaching the right temperature when it's bubbling and steaming, perfect to pour in the rice noodles, vegetables, herbs, and finally, the A5 Japanese wagyu beef!

This hot stone bowl isn't a visual gimmick - it serves a practical purpose, ensuring the soup stays soup-er hot throughout the meal, so that every spoonful does justice to the aromatically vibrant medley of flavours and textures.

Fun fact: Ăn Viet's pho broth is painstakingly simmered with multiple types of beef bones and spices for 12 hours to extract a naturally nuanced beefy flavour, completely MSG-free. 

Even if you are not a fan of pho, this will change your mind!

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The Wagyu Supreme Pho (RM39.90) hits the spot for the pure A5 wagyu enjoyment, boasting five slices of Japan's most irresistible beef.

Each portion is served deconstructed, so that patrons can insert the ingredients themselves into the hot stone bowl for the pinnacle of freshness.

We love how the A5 Japanese wagyu beef is beautifully sliced for the ideal thickness - it's a superbly smooth, sumptuous step up from conventional beef, with a fragrant balance of fleshiness and fattiness. 

If you're a hot-blooded pho enthusiast, this is the bowl to try - currently available for a limited time, so don't delay!

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Also available are the Wagyu Special Pho (RM37.90; with A5 Japanese wagyu beef, honeycomb tripe and house-made 100% pure beef balls) and Wagyu Duo Pho (RM34.90; with A5 Japanese wagyu beef and house-made beef balls) for a fun mix of bovine brilliance.

True to Ăn Viet's philosophy of curbing wastage, customers can choose their preferred noodle portion - 100 grams, 150 grams or 200 grams. Free top-ups to a total portion of 200 grams are available if customers decide they want more noodles before finishing their meal.

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