Ammas Homemade: Indian Family Cooking for Delivery

October 29, 2020

Home cook Harwin Kaur has been passionate about the kitchen since she was seven, learning her first recipes from her maternal grandmother, who hailed from India's eastern port city of Visakhapatnam. Two years ago, Harwin began selling cornflakes-based spiced chivda snacks; now, she's taking the next step by offering deliveries of meals made in her own home in Semenyih, all lovingly based on how her grandmother prepared them.

We had the opportunity to sample some of Harwin's specialities this month. If you love the peerlessly aromatic richness of classic Indian fare, you'll enjoy her Chicken Kadai Masala, comprising chunks of chicken in a creamy gravy of home-ground spices, onions, capsicum and cashew nut paste - as earthy and nutty as it sounds, with a gentle but generous sense of spice, encapsulating the essence of time-honoured cooking traditions (RM20).

Patience is part of Harwin's process: Her Mysore Mutton is slow-cooked for three hours, turning out terrifically tender and full-bodied in flavour, tinged with tomatoes and onions, topped with cashews, perfect for patrons who relish robust recipes (RM45).

When you try Harwin's food, you'll taste her family's heritage: Bina’s Butter Prawns is beloved by her Aunt Bina, a staple for their household gatherings. Six sizeable prawns, tossed in butter with ginger, garlic, curry leaves and bird's eye chillies, their fragrant punchiness complementing the fresh crustaceans beautifully (RM45 for 500 grams).

Of course, vegetarians are well taken care of: Amma's Brinjal Pachadi is, as its name suggests, Harwin's grandmother's pride - oven-roasted brinjal in a thickly textured mash, sauteed with ginger, garlic, and onions, delectable enough to eat on its own but delicious in its regular role as a side dish (RM10). Also elevating this meal is Sambar, another familiar South Indian favourite, the lightly tangy stew of lentils and veggies that'll instantly perk up the palate (RM10).

Many thanks to Ammas Homemade for feeding us. To order, please contact 012-546-6009

Ammas Homemade:

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