Alva KL, Ascott Star KLCC

October 10, 2023


Fuelled by a top-notch view in the city centre, Alva has rocketed to the summit of KL's sky dining scene, swiftly becoming the talk of the town in the past three months.

Alva promises an approachable perspective to dining and drinking with a bird's-eye view - it's a casual, cheerful restaurant where families and friends can come together with no fuss and no formalities in Ascott Star KLCC located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. 

With the country's tallest landmarks within clear, close sight, Alva's customers can feast on grilled delicacies and gorgeous desserts, sipping on creative cocktails while the sun sets.



Come early in the evening for a calm, soothing experience, taking in the city skyline in the natural light. Tables with an uninterrupted vista of the Petronas Twin Towers are the most coveted, with alfresco and air-conditioned seating both available.


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As dusk descends, the shimmering skyscrapers come alive, furnishing a fantastic backdrop for photos with your favourite people. Alva's entire setting is comfortable with plenty of couches, without a claustrophobic sense of feeling crowded.

A five-star view calls for a five-star starter: The 5 Star Crispy Salad (RM28) is perfect to perk up the palate, refreshing us after a long day with its tropical medley of sliced starfruits and grilled prawns, jazzed up with jackfruit dressing, strikingly served in an edible cracker bowl.

Also alluring, Alva's Atlantic Miso Cod (RM83) features moist, chunky cod fish with an umami-rich miso char, bolstered by the brininess of ikura, aromatically enveloped in a fragrant lotus leaf like a true treasure from the sea.

Brunch or dinner? At Alva, anytime is an appropriate time for the Chicken Croissant Burger (RM32), fusing a bakery favourite with a burger-style crowd-pleaser. The croissant is rich, firm and flaky, thanks to its French butter foundation, sandwiched with a succulent spiced grilled chicken thigh, enlivened with vibrant leaves, brightening our spirits with every bite.

Grilled temptations rank high among Alva's specialities. Grilled Tiger Prawns (RM33) are prepared to juicy, savoury perfection, enhanced with Cajun-spiced butter for a luxurious uplift.

Seared U.S Scallops (RM36) are also a should-try, a memorable appetiser to share. Plump scallops convey a sweet smokiness, perched on creamy-crunchy taro fritters with velvety beurre blanc sauce on the side.


Spinach Risotto (RM20) comes recommended as a main course - the luscious-textured rice is buoyed by the wholesome lightness of spinach, rounded out with an optional add-on of Thai-style cuttlefish for bouncy, crackly-battered protein (+RM15).

Australian Lamb Short Ribs (RM48) are thick and tender, meaty and mighty, robust-tasting but not overpoweringly gamy, delicious with the depth of ponzu sauce, complete with fried jalapeños for a gently spicy kick.

Add the addictive Amazing Nachos (RM29) for a side to share - a princely portion of beef chili con carne heaped on tempting tortilla chips with a tango of salsa, coriander and jalapeño.  

Truffle Chips (RM18) are moreish too, with Parmesan-showered U.S potato crisps that'll keep everyone merrily munching.

For dessert, the Starfruit Mille-feuille (RM23) is deservedly popular, lovely and layered with ripe starfruit, toasted marshmallows, berry mascarpone and salted caramel on puff pastry.

Alva's Above the Clouds Tiramisu (RM20) is delectably dreamy - fluffy-soft whipped mascarpone, as airy as a cloud, sprinkled with bittersweet 70% dark cocoa powder on a cushion of almond sponge, distinctively complex Ipoh coffee, and crispies sheets.

Cocktails and mocktails soar at Alva, with many original concoctions by skilled mixologists.

Far East Journey (RM48) illustrates Alva's forte of infusing liqueurs with intriguing elements. Irish whiskey is infused with chrysanthemum tea for lush floral notes to balance the whiskey's fruitiness, emboldened by the tang of asam boi and berry notes of port wine.

Stardust Sip (RM48) is the ideal cocktail to relish in the mellow glow of moonlight - white wine infused with chamomile tea, heavenly with Cuban rum, yuzu, diced tropical fruits and star anise, akin to an Asian sangria.

Rising Star (RM56) takes Alva's favourite fruit - starfruit - and harmoniously brings it together with punchy pineapple in a pandan-infused rum potion that tastes nectarously Malaysian.

Alva KL
Level 99, Ascott Star KLCC, 1, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kampung Baru, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 12pm-3:30pm, 5:30pm-11:30pm. 
RSVP: 010-303-0099 (Reservations are encouraged)
Valet parking is available.