Adible Delectables: Modern Butter Cakes & More

November 19, 2020

Cakes, cookies, tarts and crumbles, crafted with a contemporary eye for distinctiveness: KL home baker Adible Delectables puts his artistic spin on some of Malaysia's longtime favourite desserts, offering a memorable twist for everything from butter cakes to pineapple tarts.

The Modern Butter Cake might be Adible Delectable's signature - tall, square-shaped beauties illustrated with a customised image of your choice. You can also let Adible Delectable select the design for you; we received a nature-based one with a bird perched over flowers. In recent weeks, Adible Delectable has baked these butter cakes embellished with everything from goldfish to a golf player (the latter for a father's birthday).

The butter cakes are not just about looks - Adible Delectable relies on premium French and American butter, so these cakes are fragrantly rich-flavoured but light-textured and fluffy, practically melting in the mouth. If sumptuous cakes are your irresistible temptation, this will hit the spot (RM25 for a five-inch cake and RM45 for eight-inch).

While the cake was most impressive, our favourite to nibble on were the Bittersweet Chocolate Cookies, an addictively crunchy, buoyantly balanced swirl of deep and dark chocolate, sea salt and the kicker of Adible's own sticky-dense strawberry jam, house-made with fresh, ripe strawberries. One container (RM25) might be polished off by your household faster than you can imagine.

Adible's cakes are gorgeous, but its tarts are cute and charming - the Premium Nastar features pineapple tarts that resemble mini pineapples, adorable for all generations. The pastry is achingly soft to the bite, yielding to luscious, nectarously fruity pineapple jam, also made from scratch by Adible as an assurance of quality (RM25). If you need a cool gift to send to a tart-loving friend, this is it.

We've saved the ultimate indulgence for last: The Nutella Oat Crumble is a double dose of cocoa-chocolaty greatness, with genuine Nutella layered with dark chocolate fudge, its decadence made extra-textured with a butter oat crust, tempered with sea salt flakes for a nuanced treat (RM20 for a six-inch serving, RM3 for a mini slice). If you know someone with a sweet tooth, this is their jam.

Many thanks to Adible Delectables for this sampling that lives up to the brand's name.

Adible Delectables
WhatsApp 012-580-1511 (order at least two days in advance)

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