1 Mont Kiara: my1MK Deliveries from Chon Dak, Kodawari Menya, Union Artisan Coffee, Chubit's Village & NY Burger Co

November 4, 2020

1 Mont Kiara has a new delivery platform, my1MK, where you can shop from home and place your orders online from the mall’s wide range of restaurants and retailers.

my1MK, promises a world of temptations for the taste buds, from Korean to Japanese classics, Malaysian delicacies to New York-inspired delights. If you're checking out 1mk.com.my for the first time, we'll be featuring highlights for what to order. Here are our first five recommendations, with discount promotions available exclusively on my1MK.

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Established in May 2019, Chon Dak serves authentic Korean Chicken made with fresh chicken daily and seasoned with special house-made seasonings. Chon Dak uses fresh cooking oil every time for specialities such as Korean Traditional Kampung / Normal Chicken (whole); Dak Kangjeong Boneless Chicken in Original, Spicy and Honey flavours; and drumstick and wings in Original, Spicy, Soy Garlic and Honey Combo.

Rice and noodle fans can enjoy the Kimchi Fried Rice, Bibimbab, Kimbab, Rice Balls sprinkled with fried anchovies, and Korean Noodles.

Get 10% off your order (excluding delivery charges) with the promo code CHONDAK10 with a minimum purchase of RM20. 


The process of making Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura is painstaking, carefully undertaken by the restaurant's Udon artisans. Its brand of Kodawari Menya Udon and Tempura originates from Sanuki province in Kagawa, Japan.

You'll find 13 types of udon available for delivery, like the Niku Udon (with beef), the Zaru Udon (cold noodles) and the Yaki Udon (fried noodles). If you prefer rice, try one of the many rice bowls, like the Teriyaki Chicken Don and the Beef Curry Rice.

Get 10% off your order (excluding delivery charges) with the promo code KODAWARIMENYA10


Union Artisan Coffee goes beyond caffeine to offer an impression selection from East to West. Brunch lovers would like the Union French Toast or Wild Mushroom Arugula Benedict, while health-conscious diners can order a delectable salad. Asian-style rice bowls like the Kam Heong Chicken and the Percik Chicken are also enticing.

Get 10% off your order (excluding delivery charges) with the promo code JOMUNION

my1MK also offers RM5 off any order with the promo code my1MK5off - applicable with a minimum purchase of RM25 for the first 50 customers of the day. 

This promo code can be used for retailers and restaurants such as the following.


Serving comforting cuisine from Malaysia's time-honoured heritage, Chubit's Village is your choice for  everything from Nasi Ayam Goreng Kunyit to Nasi Daging Kicap, Mee Bandung Muar to Roti Bakar Butter Kaya - soulful fare to lift your spirits.


New York-style burgers and pizzas for hearty appetites: Check out the Empire Burger with double beef patties, double beef bacon, three slices of cheese, and a signature sauce, finished with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, garlic and pickles, for the ultimate burger to binge on, or munch on the Buffalo Chicken, featuring chicken with house-made buffalo sauce and a triple threat of mozzarella, cheddar and blue cheese, for the pizza of our fantasies.

All promotional vouchers are valid till 31 December 2020.

We'll be featuring more delivery recommendations from restaurants in 1 Mont Kiara in the coming weeks!

Delivery from 1 Mont Kiara: 1mk.com.my

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