Zens @ One Bangsar

April 18, 2010

One Bangsar's uncertain fate (will it be forced to shut by the end of 2010?) leaves us fearful for outlets like Zens, which has been serving fairly good Korean fare for over a year.

The usual spread of accompaniments; the portions seem slightly smaller than what we're used to elsewhere, but maybe that helps curb wastage.

Kimchi soup. Nicely laden with clams and other fresh-tasting ingredients.

BBQ pork ribs. Reasonably tender and well-marinated.

Three-layer pork strips. No complaints; non-halal Korean outlets can be hard to find.

Burn, baby, burn!

A steamed egg accompaniment. Comfort food-ish.

Bibimbap. A bit bland; it seemed like an ingredient or two might be missing. Gogung at The Gardens still does my favourite version of this.

Complimentary dessert. The perfect end to our meal. Not too sweet.

Wild strawberry bokbunja. A pleasantly fruity change from wine and sake.

One Bangsar.