February 13, 2011

Yuzu recently unveiled its second branch, swooping into KLCC with the same hit-or-miss fare it has served at Mid Valley for the past several years.

Beware: the menu is vast, so over-ordering is definitely a danger.

Rice topped with yellowtail fish & egg in hot stone pot. A no-frills recipe that epitomizes the essence of comfort food. Piping-hot nutrition for rainy evenings.

Chicken thigh & avocado in olive oil sauce. Can anyone go wrong with a combo of tender meat with creamy avocado? Nope!

Yuzu Pizza, topped with flakes of unidentified fish & seaweed. This mix of tastes and textures wasn't a smashing success, with an unappealingly fishy flavor and excessively thick crust. The Italian outlets remain superior in the art of pizza-making.

Scallops & chopped veggies wrapped with thinly sliced fish, then baked with cream sauce. A savory pleasure, but the portion was puny enough to vanish in two bites.

Unagi with tofu salad. A hearty helping of fleshy, flavorsome eel helped to elevate what would otherwise have been a bland bowl of bean curd.

Bitter gourd salad. Not too bitter, mercifully, but not memorable either.

Wine is available, though the steep prices by the glass might conjure anxiety attacks.

Suria KLCC.