Yokoso Ichiban

August 20, 2012

It's easy to sidestep Yokoso Ichiban at SSTwo Mall, believing it's a nondescript Japanese joint. But the pork-loving, pleasure-laden menu is worth inspecting at this izakaya-style outlet, since the hits outnumber the misses.

Boiled sliced pork with wasabi, sesame dressing & fresh greens _ a beautifully satisfying salad with quintessential Land-Of-The-Rising-Sun flavors.

Chasiu ramen in soy sauce soup. The noodles are supple while the pork is mouthwatering, but what fails is the lackluster broth, which falls far short of richness.

Stamina Teppan, consisting of pork belly, garlic chives & raw egg. You'll risk fighting your friends for a larger share of this.

Sakura pork shabu-shabu with ponzu & goma sauces, cooked at the table. Fairly filling, with plenty of tofu, mushrooms, carrots & other veggies for fiber's sake. The Sakura pork is supposed to be healthier than regular meat, thanks to the use of antibiotic-free pigs.

Pork-&-leek skewers, as juicy as can be expected.

Breaded bacon & asparagus rolls. Squeeze some lemon & you're good to go.

Braised pork belly, similar to Chinese versions in most respects, including succulence.

Pan-fried pork liver. We love liver, but this particular portion tastes past its prime.

Grilled pork ribs. Tender though bony, complemented by a tasty sweet-sticky sauce.

Is there anything here for pork haters? Sure: this charmingly pretty, pretty creative concoction of chopped raw tuna with natto & lady's fingers in sesame sauce.

Not from Yokoso Ichiban, but a friend brought these for nibbling: wasabi-coated macadamia nuts from Melbourne's Parisi Foods (on Queen Street).

Sake, packaged in a carton. This container is convenient; two liters of booze proved too much, so we were happy to be able to bring some leftover sake home.

Ginban sake, brewed with the deep waters of Toyama Bay.

Yokoso Ichiban,
LG 56, SSTwo Mall,
SS2, Petaling Jaya.
Tel/Fax: 03-7960-7748
Open daily for lunch & dinner.