Xing Zhu

January 8, 2012

It's a long & winding road from KL to this Chinese restaurant, which features a poolside view that might look pretty during the daytime, when most of Cyberjaya isn't draped in darkness.

Amid the absence of any other customers for dinner, we had this pork-free outlet to ourselves from the very first course: double-boiled pumpkin soup _ fragrant & piping-hot, with plenty of tiny pieces of pumpkin, prawns & other seafood.

Boiled amaranth soup with fish paste & flossy egg white. A clear broth that tasted fairly healthy. Prices here are OK; a filling meal for two can be had for under RM100.

Roasted 'pi pa' duck, in what seemed to be some sort of peanut gravy. Bony, though flavorsome enough to get a passing grade.

Oven-roasted duck, 'Hong Kong-style.' The skin was crisp, but parts of the meat were chewy.

Cantonese crispy egg noodles with king prawns. Not as tasty as KL's best sang har meen, though still respectable, thanks to the plump prawns & thick broth.

Como Sur Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile). Wine is available by the glass.

Worth the drive to Cyberjaya? Probably not. But if you're already in the area, then maybe.

Xing Zhu,
Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya.