Wondermama @ Bangsar Village revised

June 29, 2012

Returning to Wondermama for more of its super selection. Earlier entry: June 27, 2012.

Beef nachos (RM14++). Scoop the pan-fried minced beef, laced with cili padi for a stinging surprise, onto crisp tortilla chips, then dip 'em into the garlicky sauce for a crazy-addictive treat that hardly any Tex-Mex restaurants in KL could do better.

The folks at Wondermama have a soft spot for Nyonya cuisine: this pongteh chicken, served with steamed rice and a fried egg, makes for a decent lunch for RM16++.  Soul-food stew, creamy with soybean paste, potatoes and mushrooms.

Nyonya laksa (RM14++), loaded with cockles, prawns, hard-boiled egg and bean curd. Might not hit the heights of Malacca's Tengkera Road laksa (some would insist the broth there boasts a stronger oomph), but Wondermama's rendition remains worth slurping up.

Bring out the carbs: mashed potato salad (RM14++), tinged a little too subtly with truffle oil. 

A better pick for potato pleasure: French fries, hot and fluffy, topped with Japanese curry, anchovies, cheese and a sunny-side-up (RM12++). Cutely called "Curry Up" on the menu, this is one fine mess, a wallet-friendly interpretation of poutine.

Counting our chickens before they are hatched, we present Wondermama's half-boiled eggs. 

The timer beeps at the seven-minute mark, signaling that the eggs are ready for removal. 

It might be gimmicky, but it's great fun to mess around with this at a restaurant. 

Garlic fried rice (RM13++), a tad too bland to really recommend. 

Desserts are limited to cendol (RM5++) this week, probably perfect for this evil-weather period, but expect more to be unveiled eventually. 

Guilt-free choices: Wondermama's organic soy milk and Village Grocer's Banrock Station Shiraz (some proceeds from this wine go toward ecological conservation projects worldwide). 

Matcha soy milk and tiramisu smoothie, thick and tasty. 

Little quirks in the decor and furnishing help to keep things fascinating here. 

Are those Chinese woks for lampshades? Hmmmmmm. 

The Wonder saga isn't over yet; by next month, Wondermama may launch a separate section upstairs called The Wonder Kafe, serving burgers and such.

Here's a peek at the soon-to-open, first-floor space, with smoking and non-smoking areas. 

Comfy for lounging, with lots of room for stretching our feet after a long day. 

Ground Floor, Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur.
Open noon through 10pm. 

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