Wonder Burgers @ The Wonder Kafe

August 16, 2012

Wondermama recently launched its upper-level section, The Wonder Kafe, where burgers keep stomachs from growling and coffee prevents eyelids from drooping.
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The burger selection dares to be distinctive by incorporating unmistakably Asian flavors; that explains the prawn katsu burger with tonkatsu sauce, tomato, lettuce and tartar sauce, accompanied by chubby fries.

This Japanese-inspired burger isn't big, but it makes for a fulfilling meal, with a fresh crispness in every component. Worth the roughly RM15 price tag.

Other options on the still-limited menu include beef kimchi (brilliant for KL's current Korean culinary craze); future flavors include chicken teriyaki.

Customers can order from Wondermama's main menu too, so here's a chance to check whether one prefers burgers or sandwiches like this otak-otak and cheese one.

Desserts maintain the East-meets-West edge, so it's no surprise to see some "goreng pisang" with ice cream and marshmallows ...

... or soft durian mousse pancakes with corn and crunchy cereal.

We'd skip the churros though, since they lean too heavily on the stodgy side.

Wondermama now serves wine, hurray!

And oh yeah, the coffee, covering the essentials from espresso macchiato to caffe latte.

Who can resist affogatos? We can't. Only about RM10 here.

The Wonder Kafe @ Wondermama,
Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur.