West Lake Garden @ Sunway Resort Hotel

April 14, 2009

High ceilings and a panoramic view from the windows make this a majestic place to savour perfectly prepared Chinese cuisine.

Soft-shell crab & chicken floss with seafood & cheese dressing in a pastry cup. Very nicely done; there was no trace of excess oil in the crispy crab.

Stewed lamb casserole with herbs and black mushrooms. If I ever get trapped on a icy mountaintop, this is the dish I'd want to warm myself up with.

Stir-fried pomfret fillet with crispy pomfret skin. The fillet was sweet and succulent, while the skin was addictively crunchy!

Hokkien fried rice with chicken and prawns in brown sauce. We're not usually rice fans but we easily finished two bowls each. Wondrous comfort food.

West Lake Garden,
Sunway Resort Hotel.