Waku Waku @ Mid Valley revsed

July 1, 2012

Waku-Waku: Round Two. Earlier entry: June 8, 2012.

Waku-Waku's menu might not seem very wide, but there's enough for multiple visits. Among the hits: skewered chicken (RM9.90++), surprisingly juicy (thigh meat, maybe?), topped with a mix of mayo and sambal that sounds incongruous but tastes ... well, tasty!

Salmon sashimi with green butter mayo and a gorgeously crisp salad (RM15.90++).

Beef hamburg with cheese, egg and potatoes. What can we say? This is what comfort food means for us personally: something sufficiently meaty to sink our teeth into, with carbs and egg to complement the effort.

Oh, that plate comes with pickles and leaves to clock in at RM21.90++.

Lam Mee Jepun (RM9.90++) _ wheat noodles with chicken roll in thick broth. Udon? Seems so; we're not fans of udon or lam mee, so the odds were naturally stacked against us loving this.

Chicken omelet rice with gravy (RM12.90++). It is what it is. And it's not bad _ the egg's as fluffy as the grains, while the gravy is thick and savory, 

Kids may enjoy the black sesame tea blended with vanilla ice cream (RM9.90++).

Genmai Cha _ roasted rice tea (RM2.90++). 

Sweet Olive flower tea (RM8.90++, for two). 

Waku Waku,
Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2284-1172