Vive La Vida

March 25, 2011

This Puchong watering hole is pretty popular, but while we were won over by its wide selection of booze and warm service, we can't recommend its food.

This Spanish suckling pig seemed like a highlight, but alas, the meat was infected by a putrid stench that permeated every bite. We couldn't finish it.

The pork ribs were only marginally more palatable. Tough, bony and coated in a cloying barbecue glaze with the synthetic flavor of bottled ketchup.

Jose Cuervo Gold Margarita (Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila, Cointreau, sweet & sour mix) & Nutcracker (whisky, frangelico, amaretto, egg white, sweet & sour mix).

Yering Station Pinot Noir (2007).

Vive La Vida,
IOI Boulevard, Puchong.