Vineria @ BSC Bangsar

January 26, 2010

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Bagna Cauda (a salty Piedmontese anchovy & garlic dip with crunchy veggies). The menu's healthiest item, if you exclude the salads (which we always skip anyway).

Deep-fried stuffed parmigiana risotto balls. Chopped into small chunks for convenient eating. An addictive snack, but surprisingly filling, so go slow on them.

Asiago cheese souffle with sauteed porcini and aged balsamic vinegar. The souffle was amazingly airy, with the taste of a mild cheese but the texture of a light mousse. Too bad the portion was pitifully puny.

Ravioli stuffed with duck meat, fried with sage and truffle butter sauce. A terrific recipe; the ravioli skin was soft and smooth, while the stuffing and the sauce combined forces for a powerful wallop of meaty and herbal flavours.

Roasted baby goat. Steeply priced at RM160, but enough to feed two moderately hungry people. Our favourite platter for the evening: the meat was fork-tender and flavourful, though we're still not sure how to distinguish goat from lamb.

Bar Italia's inimitable gelati (vanilla, hazelnut, limoncello, cherry).

Semifreddo with forest fruit sauce. Cold and refreshing.

Organic red wine (Cab. Sauvignon, Santa Julia Familia Zuccardi 2007, Argentina).

Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Tel: 2287-7889

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