Viet Passion

March 26, 2009

One of Chulan Square's most enduring outlets, with a well-earned reputation for reasonably good food and warm, efficient service.

The lotus root salad with prawns was a huge, hearty serving. Definitely not as wonderful as Sao Nam's version, but still a decent offering.

The Vietnamese crepe was a solid choice. Crisp pancake stuffed with delicious chicken meat, accompanied by fresh, crunchy leaves.

The steamed seafood in coconut was an enjoyable, subtly sweet soup that would have been better if it contained more seafood.

The fluffy fried fish with mango sauce came in an interesting presentation. Tasted fairly fresh and was affordably priced.

Lotus seed rice. Not bad, but kinda forgettable.

The eel curry was one of my favourite dishes that evening. Piping hot, sumptuously rich curry filled with lots of flavourful eel slices.

The duck in orange sauce didn't fare quite as well. The meat was tender but tasted past its prime, while the orange sauce was overpowering.

Mixed Bean Drink (red bean, yellow mung bean, cendol, coconut milk), 4 Treasure Drink (water chestnut, jelly, yellow mung bean, sea coconut) and Thousand Seed Drink.

Happy Days (malibu, peach schnapps, advocaat, orange juice, pineapple juice, cream), house red wine and Per F'Amour (cointreau, parfait amour, orange juice, egg white).

Viet Passion,
Chulan Square.
Tel: 2141-3838.