Twentyone tables+terrace @ BSC Bangsar

May 12, 2010

Click here for earlier entry on Twentyone @ BSC (Nov. 9, 2009).

Confit of Russet potato with black garlic salt & garlic dipping. A true treat for fans of comfort carbs. Crisply breaded, with a piping-hot potato stuffing.

Potato foam with toasted bread crumbs. Had the soft, mushy texture of mashed potatoes, with a milky flavour that made every spoonful a pleasure.

Beef & rice dumplings with tomato ginger dip. Tasted like a cross between fried dim sum and Western meatballs. Not bad, but not our favourite platter here.

Seared chicken with poached egg & bitter greens in sweet chilli & tamarind glaze. Pretty healthy, but a bit too bland to recommend.

Kataifi tuna sticks with wasabi cream, soy puree & horseradish. Addictive; we're not usually devotees of tuna, but this was a mild-tasting, succulent concoction, with very little of the strong fishy flavour that tuna often carries.

Crisp-skin salmon in a Thai-style red curry broth with beetroot glazed & as a foam. An inventive recipe that worked. The fish was juicy, the broth wasn't too spicy, and the beetroot was a welcome change from the garden-variety veggies that typically accompany salmon.

Chocolate molloux with passion fruit, strawberry & nutella powder. A visually entrancing dessert that featured the centerpiece of a rich, thick chocolate pudding.

White choc & cream cheese mousse with butter cookies, mango & aromatic red wine reduction. The cheese and mango made this a little too sour for our liking, but it was still a fascinating combo of tastes and textures.

Compressed & slow-poached pineapple with caramel, white choc puree & caramelized pine nuts. Lavishly designed, luxurious in flavour.

Passion fruit mousse with poached berries & caramel. Tasted almost healthy, with lots of berry goodness, but not our favourite of the bunch.

Grey Goose Orange Cosmo (grey goose orange, grand marnier, fresh lime, cranberry juice) & Morton Estate Sparkling (New Zealand).

Watermelon juice & Dark Choc Martini (choc grappa, creme de cassis, milk).

Twentyone Classic (remy martin vsop, bitters, bubbly) & Cucumber Sandwich (grey goose vodka, pimms, cucumber, peach syrup, sliced fruits).

Twentyone tables + terrace,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.