The Wine Shop

September 3, 2011

A convenient venue for us to pluck moderately priced wine off the shelves.

The Wine Shop's South African reds are value for money, with a reasonable range below RM100. Here's a nice Neethlingshof Shiraz (2004).

Lazy Bay Shiraz (2007). Glug glug glug.

The Wine Shop serves no food, so we paired its booze with Go Gourmet's Asian fare, including these refreshingly tangy Vietnamese rice paper wraps, filled with marinated chicken, pickles & herbs.

Duck spring rolls. Crisply fried, but contained very little meat for RM10.

Chicken wings, generously stuffed with glass noodles & minced chicken meat. One of our favorites from Go Gourmet; expertly prepared, boasting a flavorful juiciness.

Roast duck, roast chicken & chicken thigh "char siew." Decent, but less than awesome. At least it's all tender and all halal, all the time (we think).

Kung po chicken (kinda wish they had served this in paper cartons instead, reminiscent of the stereotypical Chinese takeout). Slightly sweet, slightly spicy, ultimately unmemorable.

Singapore chili prawns. Lacked the finger-lickin'-good succulence of the best ones out there. And no, unfortunately, Go Gourmet doesn't offer Singapore chili crabs.

Stir-fried chicken with cashews, onions, pineapples, peppers & roasted chilies.

Chinese greens with garlic, for a dose of fiber & vitamins. Not overcooked, mercifully.

Kangkung belacan. Far too fiery; we gasped, gagged and gave up halfway through this.

Ninety-nine bottles of wine on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of wine on the wall, take one down, pass it around...

The Wine Shop,
Asian Heritage Row, Kuala Lumpur.