The Whisky Bar

September 4, 2011

Back to The Whisky Bar after over a year. Earlier entry: June 14, 2010.

What to eat with whiskey? Pork ribs, smoked with Scottish whiskey, seem like a safe bet _ meaty, fork-tender and somehow subtly sweet. Raise your glass!

Pork belly pizza with rocket salad. Also excellent; the velvety topping of pork slices lifted this thin-crust concoction to luscious new levels.

Fondue for two, fondue for two: Swiss gruyere & emmenthal cheese, with gherkins, broccoli, potatoes, sausages & bread cubes. (Chocolate fondues are available for dessert lovers)

Creamy and aromatic, as all fabulous fondues should be.

When the fondue is more than half-finished, a raw egg & kirsch are added into the mix to supply a special kick (liquor-laced fondues rule!).

A whiskey flight, featuring a tasting set of varieties from five countries: Hakushu (12 years, Japan), Old Pulteney (12 yrs, Scotland), Jim Beam Black Label (12 yrs, USA), The Irishman (Ireland) & Canadian Club Classic (12 yrs blended whiskey, Canada).

The Whisky Bar also now serves a traditional Sunday roast platter, EVERY DAY, 5pm-10pm, with roast beef, lamb shoulder, gammon ham, Yorkshire pudding & more, for RM48++.

The Whisky Bar,
Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.