The Uma @ Kota Damansara

April 28, 2010

Despite the proliferation of Balinese restaurants in the Klang Valley, this might be the only non-halal one for now (though there's no "babi guling" here, boo hoo!)

The Uma's specialty is "Nasi Ratus," a platter of black-eyed pea rice with sate lilit, shredded chicken & veggie salads, stir-fried long beans & spiced potato fries. It's a hearty, wholesome serving that's simple yet satisfying.

Assam-marinated pork satay. A bit too chewy and not meaty or flavourful enough.

Steamed duck. A luscious recipe. Succulent, fall-off-the-bone meat in a marvelous herbal broth that we would have licked clean if we had been hungrier.

Babi Kicap Manis. Marvelous comfort food, with a home-cooked feel. The pork was chunky but tender, making this a real carnivore's delight.

Grilled chicken. Sufficiently juicy and aromatic to recommend.

The Uma,
The Strand, Kota Damansara.