The Cookie Cat

November 12, 2010

This quiet but quirky bake shop _ hidden within a Subang serviced apartment block _ whips up tiny treats that might make dessert lovers purr with delight.

We kicked off with three types of cookies: butter, mocha chunks, and chocolate chip & raisin. The butter one was strange but superb, with a surprising sponginess reminiscent of cake. The other two were OK _ crisp and fresh-tasting, but not as rich as expected.

Vanilla ice cream sandwiched with a chocolate chip cookie on top & a double chocolate cookie at the bottom. Sinfully sugary and blissfully messy to eat.

Chocolate and orange poppyseed cupcakes. Moist and tasty enough to satisfy.

Three more: chocolate with nutella & almonds, classic butter & red velvet with cream cheese. Ideal for anyone who prefers a relatively light layer of frosting on their cupcakes.

Choc fudge brownie. Perfectly executed; not too sweet or cloying.

Blondie Brownie sundae _ thick vanilla ice cream with choc sauce over a mashed-up white choc brownie laced with peanut butter. Pleasures don't get much guiltier than this.

Hot chocolate, cold juice.

The Cookie Cat,
Ground Floor, Casa Tiara Apartments,
SS16, Persiaran Kemajuan Subang, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 5622-2602
Open Sat-Tues & Thurs, 11am-9pm.