The Apartment @ The Curve

March 29, 2009

I love flipping through the menu here; everything sounds mouthwatering.

Sure wish I could get my apartment to look as spiffy as this!

Duck & mango salad with lemongrass, spring onions, ginger & lime leaves in Thai Nam Pla dressing. Thumbs up. Oodles of duck with a piquant flavour.

Apartment Salad (avocadoes, green chillies and coriander drizzled with whole grain mustard dressing and toasted spiced almond flakes). I lurrrrrve avocadoes, so an entire salad built on them is pure pleasure for me.

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil salad with balsamic dressing. Heaps of tomatoes; a very tasty way to consume a week's worth of antioxidants.

Red mullet spaghetti. Mediocre; the spaghetti was kinda limp.

Squid stuffed with shallots, mint, parsley and parmesan in tomato white wine sauce. Way too salty, though the squid was satisfyingly fresh.

AK-47 and Chocolate Orange Martini.

Bali Dream and Optimist cocktails.

The Apartment,
The Curve.
Tel: 7727-8330