Tepui @ Persiaran Ampang

February 25, 2013

Some cafes deserve to draw crowds from dawn through dusk, but it might be a boon that one such place in Persiaran Ampang seems persistently empty, making it a refuge for the harried.

Stellar salads & sandwiches at sensational prices are Tepuis piece de resistance. For RM25, two can share a Venezuelan Maracaibo salad of fantastically fresh tomatoes, beetroot, oranges, onions, baby rocket & hard-boiled eggs drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Nicoise salad, dramatically overhauled, with a flavorful tuna mix topped with a whole egg, olives, oranges, mustard, nuts & tarragon dressing.

Pork platter: a board packed with Parma ham, toasted multigrain bread, pickled relish & condiments. The most expensive order here, at about RM35.

Eggs & oranges make repeated appearances, but in variations that ensure that customers wont be bored. Love the super-creamy scrambled eggs on tomato & toast.

French chicken terrine pate (about RM25), a terrifically thick spread with bread. 

Latte & detox juice of green apple, green capsicum, cucumber & celery.

Tepui only has two people on its service team who do everything, including prepare the food; they move with exceptional efficiency.

Tepui opens 10am-6pm, Mondays through Saturdays.

Parking can be problematic on this row, but patience & perseverance ensure we prevail.

Tepui Cafe,
20, Persiaran Ampang (same row as La Risata), Kuala Lumpur.