Ten Japanese Restaurant @ Marc Service Residence

April 11, 2013

Wrapping up our trilogy for Tens relocated outlet at Marc Service Residence.
Earlier entries: March 20 & April 1.

Were on a roll: Tens maki options are more than worthwhile, bountifully stuffed.

Top recommendations include the spicy tuna & smashed-eel-with-cucumber rolls.

Soft shell crab maki, the perennial favorite. Tens rolls mostly cost RM35++.

Need meat? Check out the roast duck with yuzu-caramel sauce ...

... or Aussie lamb chops, luscious with red miso sauce ...

... or Mayura Wagyu steak with pickles on a bed of rice.

Desserts might show Tens chilly-fruity side: Yuzu sorbet makes for a refreshing conclusion.

So do these Japanese strawberries, plumply juicy & sweet, not sour.

To finish with a creative flourish: Tens reinterpretation of matcha ice cream, with mascarpone-vanilla ice cream spooned over with green tea.

Tens wine selection is well thought out; we love everything about the silky-smooth Japanese Grace Kai Noir Cabernet Sauvignon (Yamanashi, 2010), except its RM58++ cost by the glass. Excellent to pair with the restaurants red meat, nevertheless.

Yuzu cocktail & a Martini of umeshu & bombay sapphire gin.

And theres still some more. Therell always some more, we hope.

Ten Japanese Restaurant,
Marc Service Residence, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161-5999

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