Teeq @ Lot 10

November 19, 2009

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This marks our third trip to Teeq in barely a month. It's official: we like it here!

A mind-blowing fusion of Japanese & Tex-Mex favorites: California Temaki, wrapped in a crisp nacho shell with chipotle mayonnaise. The combo worked surprisingly well, as the savory shell actually complemented the sweet sushi.

We had eaten two-thirds of everything on the menu during our previous visits, so we settled for less appealing stuff this time. The sashimi moriawase tasted fresh enough, but it was an unremarkable, humdrum selection.

Carrot, orange & ginger soup with fromage blanc. Warm comfort for a stormy evening, though the citrus component overpowered the other ingredients.

Pan-fried sea scallops with lemongrass, wild ginger, coriander and deep-fried eggplant. Slightly on the oily side.

Garlic-sauteed woodland mushrooms. An aromatic treat for mushroom fans, but oily too.

Deep-fried fruit spring roll with mango chilli froth. Filled with either cempedak or nangka (dunno the difference), which aren't our favourite fruits.

Crunchy mixed fruit and passion fruit crumble. Great for sharing.

Jungle Breeze (vodka, peach, cranberry juice) & Cheong Sum (lychee, watermelon schnapp, vodka, watermelon juice).

Spice Island (pastis, cognac, pear puree) & Kalamansi Rita (tequila, citrus schnapp, kalamansi)

Teeq Brasserie,
Lot 10.