Tamarind Hill @ Sultan Ismail

September 20, 2002

After closing down in Ampang, Tamarind Hill is back _ now in the heart of the city, perched on a hill overlooking Jalan Sultan Ismail. You'll have to climb a long flight of stairs to get here, but it's worth the effort.

Possibly KL's most beautiful restaurant. A serene, comfy place that looks great both indoors and outside with lots of soft glows and water features. Some tables have a terrific view of the twin towers.

Business has picked up, but it needs more publicity. Spread the word, people!

Raw mud crab and squid cured in lime juice, green chili and aromatic herbs.

Lime-cured tiger prawns rolled in salmon sashimi. Superbly fresh and tangy, this was our favorite dish. We could have eaten this all night long.

Steamed green mussels with basil and sauvignon blanc. Great for sharing, but it was too much mussels for two people.

Burmese dhal of chicken. Deliciously creamy and similar in texture to Indian dhal, but even milder in taste. We splurped it up to the last drop!

Lychee fried rice. A letdown considering the price. It was equivalent to something you could find in shopping mall food courts.

Mango with sticky rice and banana fritters with ice cream.

Tamarind Hill,

Jln Sultan Ismail.
Tel: 2148-3200

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