Sunday Brunch @ Acme

December 7, 2011

Rise & shine! Acme has started serving brunch on Sundays, offering more than three hours of fun feasting at one of KL's best new outlets of 2011.
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We'll clam up & let this lengthy line of photos do the talking; it'd take too long to describe everything on the buffet, but suffice to say, it's well worth the RM89++ per person.

Herb-roasted beetroot with maple vinaigrette & buffalo mozzarella.

Smoked duck pizza with mozzarella cheese & tomato.

Radish with fava bean salad & green tahini sauce.

Smoked salmon gravlax.

Green asparagus with parmesan cheese & truffle creme fraiche.

Potato salad with smoked tuna & green peas.

Smoked clam & corn chowder with croutons & cinnamon herb butter on crispy toast, served to the table steaming-hot from the kitchen.

Japanese cucumber with sesame seed dressing.

Potato & smoked salmon fritters with lemon yogurt.

French beans & sweet peas with hazelnut & orange vinaigrette.

A sampling of the starters on our plate. Items are subject to change every week.

Main courses kick off swimmingly with whole-baked fish.

Stuffing our faces with stuffed roasted chicken.

Beef with three sauces: garlic hollandaise, smoky tomato & coriander honey.

Confit roast lamb.

White coco bean cassoulet & roasted pumpkin with garlic butter.

Seafood mash pie.

Macaroni & cheese.

Meat, meet meat. Acme's team carves up the flesh according to your fancy.

Enjoying our just desserts: Gingerbread brioche with maple syrup chibouste.

Apple & rosemary cake.

Pineapple turnovers.

Coconut & macadamia brownies.

Churros with chocolate sauce.

The best of the lot is in the middle: an ultra-creamy peanut butter cheesecake.

Reservations are essential; these photos were snapped at 11:30 a.m., but within two hours, every table seemed to be taken.
P.S. Acme will be closed for lunch today, Dec. 7, for a private function.

Acme Bar & Coffee,
ABC @ The Troika, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2162-2288