December 22, 2011

Hidden at the back of Taman Tun Dr Ismail's's Petronas station, SUB 18 is melting the hearts of this neighborhood's numerous ice cream lovers.

Open through 10 pm daily, the outlet offers no fewer than 18 frosty flavors, including fascinating ones such as cempedak & durian. Both would partner perfectly with the cempedak pandan cake at The Troika's Acme Bar & Coffee.

SUB 18 brands its treats as gelato, but the textures seem to lean closer to regular ice cream instead of the Italian sort. The flavors are nevertheless potent & true-to-life, even though this bubble gum one could have been concocted in a laboratory test tube.

Traditional gelato flavors _ bacio (chocolate hazelnut) & creme caramel _ sandwiched in vanilla oat cookies for a messy, sticky-finger confection that children would likely love.

Need something stronger? Take a five-minute drive to Damansara Perdana's PJ Trade Center, where Gecko Gastrobar serves its own kitchen-made alcoholic ice cream.

We tried three types _ Johnnie Walker Whiskey, kahlua & stout _ each boasting a distinct though not overwhelming boozy undertone.

For RM10 a glass, all are a nicely affordable change from normal desserts.
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Need something even stronger? Drive another five minutes, this time to 1 Utama's L Table by Lavender, which serves astonishingly powerful cocktails for only about RM20 each.

Lychee martinis. Much better than many RM30 versions elsewhere.

Hendrick's gin & tonic, alongside a Bellini (prosecco, peach puree).
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Gecko @ PJ Trade Center, Damansara Perdana.
L Table @ 1 Utama.