Spring Garden

April 10, 2011

The Tai Thong Group's first Chinese restaurant in Malacca is ideal for a leisurely lunch, with numerous touches that seem reminiscent of its KL branches.

A 50 percent discount is offered for a small selection of dim sum on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so head here then for siew mai & steamed buns at reasonable rates.

Beware though: this is a pork-free outlet, so be prepared for lots of fowl and seafood.

Fish balls. Kinda bland and not as springy as we like 'em.

The fried yam puffs, on the other hand, are excellent. Crisp, steaming-hot & flavorful.

Customers can also opt for a set menu that kicks off with chicken soup to soothe the soul.

Braised duck with yam. Generously packed with succulent slices of meat.

Prawns with oats. Somewhat salty. Are oats healthy under all circumstances? Probably not.

Bean curd with luffa melon. OK, this one is undeniably good for us. And delicious.

Tilapia steamed in soy sauce. Won't win any awards, but sufficiently satisfactory.

Chicken in Chinese wine. All the chunks of meat in this seem too dry, strangely.

A fruit-filled, syrupy dessert, nicely chilled but a little too sweet.

Spring Garden,