January 9, 2011

It's the dessert of champions: premium frozen yogurt that's supposed to be low in calories and 99.5 percent fat-free. Let's hand this outlet extra points as well for coming up with catchphrases like "We don't mind if you spoon here."

Yogurt sundaes are the highlight. This "Run Honey Bear" version is topped with Andes mint chocolate, Oreos, strawberries, honey & almonds. There'll always be three varieties of yogurt to choose from: original (which is sweet and tangy), green tea & a seasonal one (raspberry is the flavor of the week) _ all of them deliciously milky and creamy.

"Little Rascal" sundae, topped with Oreos, granola & gummy bears.

Spoon Frozen Yogurt & Smoothie,
External Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall.