Soleil @ PJ Section 17

September 7, 2013

Soleil: Round Three. Earlier entries: August 6 & August 23.

Spring rolls, blessed with the best crispy-thin skin, stuffed with succulent braised duck leg & portobello mushroom (RM36++. Flog no dead horses; its established that Soleils expensive).

Veal sweetbread (RM88++), a kings ransom of a chunky serving, with fragrantly truffle-tinged tagliatelle, red wine sauce & sauteed spinach.

Cheese platter (RM41++), with supple-soft-stinky French varieties to swoon over.

Really love the pungent Livarot cows-milk cheese (some will loathe its barnyard odor); also like the Saint-Nectaire with its rough rind & Fourme dAmbert & Selles-sur-Cher goats-milk cheese.

Chocolate lovers, rejoice: Soleils triumvirate of dark choc mousse, Ghana choc parfait & financier (served with passion fruit, RM26++) is thoroughly triumphant.

New style choc-cherry Black Forest, made complex with lime, yogurt & blackberry sorbet. A busy, fussy-looking plate, but fun to eat through.

Hot peppermint tea, a refreshing accompaniment to the rich desserts.

Soleil serves its own East-West signature cocktails, such as the Soleil Delight (white rum, mint, pineapple, calamansi, simple syrup, ginger, cardamom, potently pleasurable for only RM24++) & Majestic Beach (tequila, grand marnier, orange, lime, ginger, Thai basil).

A Martini of vodka, peach schnapps & lemongrass, alongside a classic Planters Punch.

White Russian & Brandy Alexander; couldnt ask for better nightcaps.

Soleil Restaurant & Wine Bar,
22A, Jalan 17/54, Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
Same row as Bistro a Table & Verona Trattoria
Tel: 03-7932-5989
Open for lunch & dinner, except Wednesdays.
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