Sobrino de Botin

February 7, 2012

Spain, Part I: Established in 1725 (!), this is the world's oldest restaurant that's still in business, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Ernest Hemingway was a habitual customer here. In the closing passage of "The Sun Also Rises," his characters feast on this Madrid eatery's centuries-old specialty of roast suckling pig.

Garlic soup with egg & diced bread. A rustic recipe that could work as comfort food, but beware: it's scorching enough to agonizingly scald a tongue or two.

Every table seemed to order the near-legendary pig. Hearty, remarkably flavorful meat, bursting with savory juices. As good as pork gets, probably.

Roast baby lamb is another worthwhile order. Gamy, but also spectacularly succulent.

At this rate, Sobrino de Botin will survive beyond our lifespan. But maybe we'll return someday.

Sobrino de Botin,
Madrid, Spain.