Skohns Canteen @ Damansara Perdana

September 26, 2013

Taking a look at Skohns Canteen, which recently started serving a diverse menu that showcases burgers & scones with tantalizing twists.

 Proving that people can still invent interesting burger recipes, Skohn offers an "Exorcist" Burger, with a house-made beef patty topped with mushy peas, mustard, mayo, ketchup, sharp cheddar, lettuce & tomato. The name makes wicked sense if youve watched the Linda Blair movie. 

 Taste-wise, its well-executed enough, creamy & hearty, likely worth the the RM16.50 price tag.

 A teriyaki chicken burger is also available, but vegetarians will prefer the PETA Burger (heh), featuring falafels with minty cucumber yogurt sauce (RM12).

Burgers are offered only during dinnertime, when a RM22 rib-eye steak, RM18 lamb chops, RM14 lasagna & RM12 spaghetti bolognese are also available. The lunch menu is a little more limited (think grilled chicken).

Lamb Dog, a six-inch sheepish sausage with caramelized onions, cheese, sweet relish, mustard & ketchup. RM13; burgers & hot dogs come with coleslaw & skin-on fries that might be moreish.

But while we hate to harp on sad service (everyone has bad days), thats what undermined our experience here. If the kitchen isnt ready to start serving at 6:15pm _ even though its official business hours begin at six _ whats required is probably an apology & perhaps a hopeful smile, instead of snappish, impatient responses that signal apathy about whether the customer stays & waits or leaves & never returns.

But lets get back to the positives, since were optimistic that Skohns will get better as it gets more experience. Its signature scones are not shabby at all, mixed with choices like kiwi fruit, raisins, apricots, dates or pineapples & walnuts. RM6 for two.

Skohns old-fashioned apple pie might look a little dry, but it tastes perfectly fresh & flaky ...

... with a generous amount of juicy fruits, expertly balanced in sweetness & well complemented by some hot custard. Nice one, no complaints here.

Alas, we have to wrap up on a negative note. The lattes terrible. Irredeemably insipid.

Skohns Canteen,
G-13, Perdana The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5G, Damansara Perdana.
Open 9am-3pm, then 6pm-11pm, except Fridays.