Skewers @ Subang

June 15, 2010

Skewers is one of Subang's best hangouts; service is sterling, the setting is lively, and the food is good enough to warrant a recommendation.

The main attraction is the "Double Ultimate Glutton Burger," a gargantuan recipe that comprises two beef patties (totaling 400 grams) with chili con carne, melted shredded cheese, tortilla chips, gherkins, jalapenos _ heck, everything that's needed for the sloppiest, juiciest burger imaginable.

Less successful is the Sambal Fish Burger. Surprisingly spicy, but it lacks a sufficiently succulent slab of fish to complement the bun and accompaniments.

The garlic butter prawn skewers are worth sampling; fresh and flavorful enough that we nearly regretted having to share. Served with mashed potatoes and penne, this is as satisfyingly hearty as everything else here.

Rosemary-marinated beef with pilaf rice & grilled cinnamon pineapples. Also a treat, thanks to the tender, tasty chunks of beef.

Hickory-smoked chicken wings, soaked in an overpoweringly sweet BBQ sauce.

Prawn fritters with salted egg puree. Not like the yolk-coated prawns at Chinese outlets, but the crunchiness of the prawn batter and the fluffiness of the egg combined very well.

Tiramisu with brandy. Not bad, but not memorable.

Deep-fried Nutella. Another creative concoction. Definitely delicious.

Peanut butter & banana smoothie. Thick. So, so thick.

Only one type of wine is offered, but at 70 ringgit a bottle, it's a bargain.

A pitcher of Sangria helped keep the party going. Yee-haw!

Subang Avenue.