Simply Mel's & S'Mores

October 26, 2012

Returning to Simply Mel's to sample more mouthwatering marvels from its voluminous menu.
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Vivid colors inform the vibrant flavors of Mel's recipes, embodied in onion-filled fritters that might leave some folks feeling stuffed at the very start of the meal.

Fish is favored here, with something new to try for each visit. Love the white pomfret simmered in sourish "singgang" curry, a lip-smacking way to enjoy this smooth fish.

Squid in Malaccan Portuguese Debel Curry, a tongue-scorching treat for chili-craving customers.

Mel scrapes out the savory black insides of 'buah keluak' to make a convenient prawn sambal, amazingly addictive but probably crazily calorie-loaded.

Seccu curry, another super-spicy one, this time with slices of tender beef.

Counter the creamy curries with nourishing soups, like this bowl with meatballs made of corned beef & chicken, supplemented with stewed carrots, cabbage, macaroni & potatoes, scented with cinnamon & cloves.

We love the name for this one, "foler sabola kung tao." Fundamentally a simple preparation of stir-fried spring onions with tau kwa bean curd in garlic sauce.

Kristang-style chicken soup, with croutons for extra texture.

No matter how overfed you feel, try to order desserts; Mel's cendol wins my vote as the most satisfying I've had this year, thick, smooth & richly fragrant.

Also more than worthwhile: pulut tinted with "bunga telang," paired with homemade kaya.

Mel's serves wine, keeping the mood here light & merry every evening.

After dinner at Mel's, night owls can head downstairs to S'Mores, which has a terrific happy hour promotion of three cocktails for RM50 nett before 9pm.

From pomegranate Margaritas to passion fruit Mojitos, there's fruity fun for everyone.

Potent enough for the price, though probably too sweet for some.

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Simply Mel's & S'Mores,
The Sphere, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.