Siew Yok!

January 23, 2011

A simple set-up that lured us with the promise of pork, pork and more pork!

True to the outlet's name, the specialty here is the trifecta of siew yok _ Yellow Gold (supposed to be lean & crispy), Melting Gold (soft & melty) & Black Gold (balanced & crispy). Decent, but maybe our expectations had been excessively high. All three varieties proved too lean for our liking, with a barely discernible difference in taste.

Trifecta of char siew: Sweet (marinated with fermented red bean curd & finished with Chinese wine glazing), Savory Sweet (with charred sides) & Spicy Thai Style (marinated with fish sauce & topped with lemon garlic chili sauce). Hearty, but too salty and not succulent enough. Probably more suitable for someone who prefers a firm bite and brawny chew.

Pork ribs with Mongolian BBQ sauce. Addictive, but bony and sodium-laden.

Loh Chee Yok (pork braised in soy sauce, served with hard-boiled egg & tofu). Tasted satisfyingly robust, though the pork could have been more tender.

Pork shoulder, accompanied by apple sauce that helped to counter the meat's dryness. Admittedly, we adored the crunchy, brittle crackling.

Ngau chap. Glutinous goodness, bursting with beef brisket, tripe & tendons.

Stewed mutton on bone in claypot. Too gamy to recommend.

Pennywort (daun pegaga) salad. A cili padi overdose made this a chore to consume.

Blanched HK choy sum, drizzled with oyster sauce & fried garlic. Fresh and well-prepared.

Egg noodles. Might seem bland at first, but it worked well to complement the pork.

Shallot oil rice. Much more fragrant and flavorsome than regular steamed rice.

Siew Yok!
SS23/15, Petaling Jaya.