June 19, 2011

7atenine has refurbished its mezzanine dining hall, rebranding it as Sevenspoons.

Vine-ripened momotaro tomatoes, tossed in honey truffle emulson & topped with buffalo mozarella cheese. An exquisitely luscious version of a Caprese salad, flooded with flavor & fragrance; one of the top 10 things we've tasted this year.

Pan-seared foie gras with berry compote & kumquat jus. Serviceable, but not stellar.

Raw yellowtail & avocado with momo sauce. The buri sashimi would have worked well enough with the avocado, but the garlicky Tibetan sauce _ while delicious _ seemed to overwhelm the delicate taste & texture of everything else.

Atlantic oysters with vodka calamansi. Slurp-worthy succulence.

Slow-cooked 78.9-degree lamb rack with yam brandade croquette. A hearty slab of medium-rare meat for caveman-esque appetites. The croquette was interesting, stuffed with yam instead of potatoes and salted cod emulsion to replace the more typical minced meat.

Can't go wrong with the cocktails here, among the tastiest in the city center. These are the signature 7 Anise (a cinnamon-laced martini) & Muskmelon Mojito.

Terrazas Malbec (Argentina).

Seven Spoons (7 Spoons),
Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur.