Senjyu Sushi @ Mutiara Damansara

March 20, 2009

Senjyu Sushi's Cineleisure branch seems slightly more spacious than the one at Sunway Pyramid. But whichever outlet you choose, temptations galore adorn the menu.

Unagi handrolls, a real steal at a promo price of RM 1 apiece.

Hiyayako (cold tofu) with disappointingly puny slices of foie gras.

Aburi Wagyu beef sushi. A tasty choice, but not top-grade Wagyu of course.

Grilled minced chicken and quail egg wrapped in seaweed.

Mini sushi cake with layers of salmon, avocado and tuna topped with prawn.

Fish roe-coated sushi stuffed with omelette and unagi, topped with foie gras.

Sushi rice balls wrapped with wagyu beef, topped with foie gras and avocado. Yep, we couldn't resist ordering anything with foie gras.

Sushi rice rolled with cucumber sticks, topped with soft shell crab and cod roe.

Spicy salmon mayo maki topped with cheese slices and bonito flakes.

Beer sorbet. The taste of beer was pretty powerful.

Rock salt ice cream. Loved this; the salty, creamy blend was wonderful.

Sakae Izakaya Special (sake, umeshu, sparkling syrup) and Kabuki Dream (umeshu, rum, grapefruit juice and grenadine).

Chocolate Goddess (sake and chocolate sauce) and Misty Fuji (shochu, sake genmai tea, honey, lemon juice and sprite).

Senjyu Sushi,
Cineleisure Damansara.
Tel: 7727-9028