Secret Garden @ Yap Kwan Seng

March 15, 2010

Secret Garden plays host to private functions at night, but during the daylight hours, it's an idyllic restaurant that whips up lip-smacking lunches and tasty teatime treats.

Customers can choose between indoor or alfresco seating; we love our air-conditioning, so no prizes for guessing which one we selected.

Salad of plump, juicy lychee with peanuts, lime and vinaigrette dressing. A gigantic portion that could satisfy four people. Wonderfully refreshing for a muggy afternoon.

Soy sauce chicken with egg and tofu. Tasted comfortingly wholesome and home-cooked, with a fiery sambal belacan that would please any red-blooded Malaccan.

Slow-cooked duck pasta with orange sauce. A sweet-&-sour concoction with Asian flavours.

Steaming hot bubur sago and traditional local cake to round off a tasty meal.

Secret Garden,
16, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng.
Tel: 2166-7111