Schokolart revised

April 16, 2009

For previous review of Schokolart, click here (Jan. 29).

Revisited Schokolart to try the chocs that we missed the last time. Some are really quirky, but they all tasted pretty good.
Flavours from left to right: Earl Grey with caramel; white truffle with orange and cardamom, sweet spices; chai blend; cinnamon.

Now we come to the REALLY weird ones.
Left to right: Coconut with curry; raspberry wasabi; Arabic coffee; Szechuan pepper. Most of the bizarre flavours were really subtle; for example, the curry taste only hits you when a heaty sensation tickles your throat as you swallow.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Cocktail (vodka, vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies) and Cuddle & Coddle Milkshake (chocolate chip cookies blended with dark choc ice cream). Deliciously rich.

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