Sanbanto @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

September 24, 2009

Could this be SS2's answer to El Cerdo? Sanbanto uses organic pork from their own farm in Johor to whip up simple but satisfyingly tasty dishes.

The pork liver pate is rave-worthy if you can tolerate the strong flavour of offal. Spread this soft, smooth blend on the bread, then mix in the salad for a luxuriously creamy sandwich.

The piece de resistance is the BBQ pork rib. Every table seemed to order it. Meaty, succulent and sweet, it would be worth returning for this alone.

The two of us were so impressed by the pork rib, we decided to order the pastas too. We enjoyed the comfort foodish spaghetti with thin-sliced pork belly and peas, though the pastas are slightly less than al dente here.

Pork bolognaise pappardelle. Would have been more fulfilling with extra minced pork. But still scrumptious, with bits of pork lard adding some crunch.

The spaghetti with short ribs was oily but sinfully pleasurable. We considered shocking the restaurant staff by asking for the pork belly salad and bacon burger as well, but realized that we had hit our cholesterol quota for the week.

SS2/63, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7876-1728