Sanbanto @ Bangsar revised

June 3, 2011

Sanbanto @ Bangsar: Round Two. Earlier entry: May 18.

Tonkatsu _ a 180-gram slab of pork loin coated with breadcrumbs & served with mustard, shredded cabbage & potato salad. Meaty and tasty enough to recommend.

Beer-braised pork with polenta. The zenith of comfort food; succulent flesh, remarkably rich in flavor, wading in groovy gravy and wedded to creamy cornmeal.

Pork burger. The patty, topped with bacon, was tender but unexceptional; what made this mouthwatering was a fat cut of deep-fried mozzarella cheese, oozing with a lava-like flow of searing-hot savoriness to complete the ensemble.

Purple sweet potato soup. Visually alluring and nutritionally beneficial, bearing antioxidants that aren't found in regular white potatoes.

Sanbanto's only alcoholic beverage is beer, but feel free to bring your own wine, since the corkage charge is a mere RM20 (which was waived on this visit. Thanks!).

Sanbanto Premium Pork,
Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.
Tel: 03-2201-1301