Samsaraa @ Sri Hartamas

April 8, 2010

This celebrity-owned restaurant is a pleasant place to spend an evening; the setting is cheerful and relaxed, service is sparkling and the food is satisfying.

Pumpkin & carrot soup with croutons. A visual delight, with the pumpkin and carrot portions neatly separated. Also a treat for the tastebuds; thick and flavour-packed.

Pan-fried dory with coconut sauce. Fairly fresh-tasting fish, soaked in a sweet and spicy sauce that was quite addictive. We used the crinkle-cut fries to mop it all up.

Roasted chicken with "Harith's kampung herb sauce." Tender meat combined with creamy gravy and mashed pumpkin for simple, wholesome comfort food.

Cholesterol Buster & Super Skin fruit-veggie juices.

Jalan Sri Hartamas.