Sakura Sakura Hakata @ Subang

May 20, 2010

Simple, honest Japanese fare is the highlight of this rather cramped outlet, which claustrophobic customers might want to avoid.

Salmon mayo maki. Really dainty pieces, easily gulped down in less than one mouthful. Might have liked it more if they used sashimi instead of cooked salmon.

Grilled squid with garlic. Served sizzling, perfect for a rainy evening. Thankfully, it wasn't as chewy as squid tends to be.

Prawn & quail eggs wrapped with bacon. Juicy stuff, impeccably prepared; we could have spent the entire meal munching on these.

Vinegared mackerel. Slightly sour (of course), but tasted fairly fresh.

Ebi namaharumaki. Can't really fault this, since it was generously stuffed with plump prawns and crunchy veggies, but it was forgettable.

Sakura Tsubo Shochu with plum.

Sakura Sakura Hakata,
4, Jalan SS 12/18,
Subang Jaya.