Sakura Sakura Hakata

June 20, 2010

Click here for earlier entry on Sakura Sakura Hakata (May 20).

Mashed potato salad with sliced pork. Not as comfort foodish as we had expected. The potatoes could have been creamier and the pork less bland.

Omelet with mentaiko & cheese. The pollock roe left little impression. Tasted like an ordinary omelet _ not necessarily a bad thing though.

Tofu prepared Hakata-style (we assume this refers to Hakata in Fukuoka). A wholesome broth. It's mostly fuss-free cooking at this outlet.

Inaniwa udon. Not as pleasurably slippery as usual. Strangely sticky, in fact.

Yellowtail jaw. Good but not great; you'll find fresher, more succulent versions elsewhere, including Xenri and Kampachi (though those places charge more).

Fish sausage. Had the texture of chicken sausage, but tasted less flavorsome.

Sakura Sakura Hakata,
4, Jalan SS12/18,
Subang Jaya.