S'Mores @ Bangsar South

March 17, 2010

We wandered into this place following several twists of fate and timing, but it was a fortunate turn of events, since the food turned out to be fairly satisfying.

Creamy pumpkin soup with chives & cheddar cheese. Tasted freshly made.

Caprese salad, featuring cherry tomatoes, mozzarella & basil pesto. The sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes offered a nice twist to the typical tomatoes used for this recipe.

Carbonara pasta with white truffle oil, capellini roe & mushrooms. We were skeptical about whether they'd really use truffle oil, but they did! We smelled a strong whiff of truffle as soon as we dug into the pasta; every strand seemed to bear its flavour.

Vanilla ice cream with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & raspberry balsamic glaze. Another one-of-a-kind concoction that worked brilliantly, with the olive oil lending an extra layer of luxury to the ice cream's milkiness.

Liquor-based tiramisu. Average, with only faint traces of booze.

Mojito and Sexy Chocolate (tequila, cointreau) cocktails.

French Chardonnay. A decent bargain at RM26 for two glasses.

The Sphere, Bangsar South.