Riki-Ya revised

May 5, 2011

Riki-Ya: Round Two: Earlier entry: May 4.

A second trip to Riki-Ya _ this time to sample their omakase offerings, kicking off with this nutty sesame tofu, a milky-sweet mound of mush. Indulgent comfort food that should please everyone from six-month-old babies to 60-year-old grandparents.

Tired of unagi teriyaki? Here's a relatively unorthodox preparation to tempt the taste buds _ fleshy slices of eel, lightly vinegared for a salty tang and interspersed with ribbons of seaweed & kyuri for an assertively crisp bite.

A surprisingly sizable serving of sashimi. Each customer receives 10 slices, comprising five varieties on this particular occasion. As satisfying as raw fish gets.

Simmered radish with sweet bean paste. Chef Ricky Kamiishi was respected for creating omakase recipes that were both reassuringly familiar and intriguingly creative back when he was at KL Hilton's Iketeru, and he hasn't lost his touch here.

Chawanmushi with shark fins. Not the most ethically correct thing to eat, but there's no denying that this tastes absolutely ambrosial.

Teppanyaki prawns & cod fish. It's not easy to find a restaurant that turns teppanyaki into a visual treat, but Riki-Ya makes that extra effort.

More teppanyaki: scallops & salmon. Succulent slices of savory seafood; this omakase set costs RM170+ _well worth the price considering the nearly ceaseless flow of dishes and impeccable quality of ingredients.

Fried rice with beef. A tiny-looking bowl that turned out to be tummy-busting.

Miso soup with steamed asari clams. Umami-packed broth, effective for beating the evening's rain-drenched dreariness.

Steering away from the omakase to explore the a la carte menu some more: Wagyu beef & Angus sirloin skewers. Chew on the Angus first for a mini-version of a juicy steak, then sink your teeth into the Wagyu for an even more luscious experience. Better than beef satay (but pricier too, of course _ the Wagyu skewer costs RM18+).

Quail eggs & unagi. Marvelous to munch on.

Garlic & ginkgo nuts. Beware, the garlic cloves are very stinky (but pleasurably so!).

The creamiest sweet potatoes ever. In a word: perfect.

Wrapping up with the final course of the omakase: pumpkin pudding & fresh fruits.

Shochu & Umeshu, to keep our spirits high.

Oozeki sake.

Same containers, different sake: Yamadanishiki (300 ml).

Menara Keck Seng, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2143-3336